Jewish Doula Packages


Information and teaching package:
Jewish ritual and practice for labour and birth [$90]

For clients who want a DIY Jewish labour/birth experience.

This package grants you access to my materials concerning blessings for labour, Jewish practices, textual connections for a labouring woman, contemporary rituals around birth, and much more.



Online Prenatal support and jewish ritual teaching [$180]

If you are looking to learn about how to prepare for birth with Jewish cultural practices, and want supportpreparing for labour and birth, this package is for you.

We will meet online to go over your choices and wishes, and I will offer information and education about Jewish ritual and practices for labour and birth. I will not attend your birth, but will make all materials available to you to give to care providers, a doula in your area, or your partner/support team.

This is a great way to enhance your birth preparation and labour/birth experience with a Jewish cultural inflection.


Full labour/birth preparation and Doula Package
[sliding scale: $810 - $1080]

In this package I will meet with you twice before your labour. We will go over Jewish and other rituals and practices that you may wish to include in your birth plan. We will also speak about comfort measures, environment, and other choices you wish for me to help you create and include.

I will attend your birth, and offer physical, emotional, spiritual, and informational support. I will also be there to support the birthing person's partner (if applicable).

You will have access to my materials relating to Jewish birth practices, and other useful information about labour and birth.

I will be available to you for phone and text support in the prenatal and early labour stages, as well as after the birth.

I serve clients in the Greater Toronto Area.